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This website is oriented toward hand tool based woodworking, however I am a blended woodworker, and do not mourn the occasional death of electrons.  This does not make me a Normite, merely practical.

Please feel free to look around, return when you feel like it, or spend some time. Updates are done as my time permits, and will likely occur most frequently in the blog.  Web site updates are noted below, Blog updates are not (Atom/RSS Feed is available).


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2008.June.12 - Added my Lathe Stand to the Projects and Plans sections. This project was done to be functional and quick, using dimensional lumber. The plans are my quick sketches & dimensional notes.

2008.June.12 - Added my Scroll Saw Stand to the Projects and Plans sections. This is another functional project using dimensional lumber.  The plans are my original quick sketches and notes.

2008.June.07 - Added Record 071 Router Plane and Stanley 71 Router Plane Manuals to the Shop Notes - Downloads section.

2008.May.22 - Being frustrated with the limitations of my really poor planning, I am revamping the site to move away from Frames. I have begun to use eXe for site development, as it puts a nice package together without having a steep learning curve, or the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup which I currently do not have time for. (Plus it's free, Open Source, and available for Windows, Mac OS X, and several Linux packages.)

I apologize for breaking all my links yet again.

2007.Mar.18 - Having put theory to practice, John Kleso at Rex Mill has provided some additional information on Japanning that I've added into the Japanning Section (under Shop Notes/Maintenance). Go check out his site when you have some time.

2007.Mar.14 - A couple of things:

  • All links should now open outside of any frames in their own window/tab. If you run across any that still open inside this site, please let me know.
  • Now that Blogger has corrected the issue with uploading images, the Blog section actually has some content. Blog updates will not be noted here. It will however be the section to be updated most often.

2007.Mar.05 - Site redesign. (Let's just say I hated the software I was previously using.) My apologies, as this will break just about every bookmarked link anyone has. This is mostly a redesign of structure. News/Updates have been thinned to remove information that is no longer relevant after the changes.

2004.Aug.12 - Began to rehabilitate an inshave - this is not the saving of an old tool, but the struggle to make a new (cheapish, badly ground) tool perform properly as it should. This may finally answer a question I could not find answers to on the web - what is the proper angle to sharpen an inshave / scorp at?

2004.June.18 - Populated the Gallery section - added a photo show of some of my shop work area.

2004.June.09 - After several months of renovations, and the addition of a newborn, I finally managed to scrounge some time to add a couple of projects (with plans for one).

2003.Oct.15 - "Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets; or A Collection of Above 500 Useful Receipts on a Variety of Subjects" Added to Shop Notes/Tips & Tricks.

2003.Oct.14 - section on japanning added. Includes recipes, application, notes, etc. Added to Shop Notes\Maintenance.

2003.Sept.18 - First version of this site

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